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In 2015, Adam was invited to the House of Lords for the British Community Honours Awards Dinner. The evening was a celebration of the success of, and contribution made by, minority communities in mainstream British society, with dignitaries, leaders and royalty from around the world in attendance. Adam was delighted to be honoured at the event for his efforts and support towards BCHA work. He has subsequently also received awards from the House of Lords in 2016 and 2017.


Adam Khan has established a reputation in business and beyond. His focus on business principles and agreements is always predicated on transparency and ethical behaviour. As a result of his unshakeable reputation, he has had dealings with leading businessmen and businesses across the West, as well as the Middle East.

Specialised Knowledge

The team at Amam Consultancy have a range of strengths which can be utilised and adapted to aid clients of all shapes and sizes. The aim is always to deliver services that are tailored to individual clients. We refuse to subscribe to a “one size fits all” approach to successful consultancy. By choosing to work with the consultants at Amam, you’re choosing a specialised and individual approach targeted at your personal business challenges.


“Business back on track!”

Getting help from Amam was the best thing I could’ve done. My (small) business was struggling but we have a better direction now.
– Mohammed A

“Recommended for educational sector”

Our school was dubious about consulting as we were unsure of benefits. Even the sceptics were won round in the end!
– Abdullah A

“I felt valued as a client with my own story to tell.”

Working with Amam Consultancy allowed me to visualise my business, better implement systems, and plan for the future. I was impressed by the level of interest taken in my business.
– Samantha B